FASTENER - CMV quality management follow JAPAN INDUSTRY STANDARDS. CMV are willing to stock for customer if have any request from your side.

About 1Million products with JIS standards, CMV can support customer from R&D phase to final mass prodution with.

Special Fastener

Plastic Screw

Insert Heat Nut

Specical Rivet Nut - Tech

Flat washer

Spring Washer

Start Washer

Start Washer

Square washer 

Wave washer

Rivet nut

Male rivet Nut

Self Clinching 

Bob Spacer

Kalei Spacer

Sel Spacer

Rivet Rnut

Jack Nut

Eye bolt

U bolt

Hex Spacer

Self Spacer

welding nut

T Weld Nut

Hollow nut

Cage nut

Clip Nut

Insert Nut

Bet Insert

Insert Flange

C Tec Insert

Bit insert

C lock

Flange bit

Fress lock

Insert Sparow

Screw set

Heat Lock

Brass nut


Hex Nut

Nyl Lock Nut

Dome Nut

Rivet nut

Wings nut

Lock Nut

Flange Nut

U nut

Spring Nut

Length Hex Nut

Slotted nut

Knurled Nut

Cross Screw

Pre-assem screw

Tapping Scew

Hex bolt

Up set Bolt

Hex socket P2/P3

Flat Hex Bolt

F10T Bolt Set

Hex Socket bolt

Socket Screw

Stripple bolt

Square bolt

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